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Re: KDE doesn't start

Hello Alejandro.

Alejandro schrieb:
> But now […] when I want to start my KDE
> desktop running "kdm", I get a login and after put user and password a
> get the login again and so on. I can't start my desktop.

Have a look at devel-announce[0]:

> A coordinated transition of dbus has just reached testing.  Unfortunately,
> since maintainers /don't/ always check whether their packages are affected by
> a transition before uploading, and it's impractical for the release team to
> send out mails to all maintainers for every transition, some packages had to
> be broken in testing to get this library change in -- including kde, which is
> currently uninstallable on 2 architectures.  This should be fixed within the 
> week.

I guess one of the architectures is yours.

> How can I go back to me dear KDE running the kdm command ???

Just wait.

Regards, Mathias

[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2006/09/msg00020.html


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