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Re: Problems installing Netbeans...

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 19:32, Redefined Horizons wrote:
> David,
> I sucessfully installed Sun's 1.4 JDK in the /home/myuser directory. I
> then tried to install Netbeans with the following command:
> /home/myuser/programs/netbeans/neatbeans-5_5-beta2-linux.bin
> -is:javahome /home/myuser/j2sdk1.4.2_12
Then again, I never did it with -is:
If you place the jdk in some usual location like /opt or /usr/local/lib (or 
use the Debian package), it may find it itself.

I either used or created a Debian package (a while back and there is a 
package-creation utility for Debian) so its is on /usr/lib. Will be found 
there with no trouble.

If you have more than one, the installer should show you both and let you 

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