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Re: Sendmail in Sarge and Etch

"T.J. Duchene" <tj@kewlness.net> wrote:

> What is the appropriate list for this?  Bugs?
> I'm not sure if you would really consider this a flaw or not.  I do, but 
> then I've had more experience with Sendmail than most.
> The Debian package installers in Sarge and Etch contain a serious flaw 
> in the setup scripts that place FEATURE() after MAILER () in the m4 
> sendmail.mc file.
> This, of course, is not permitted.  While the generated sendmail.cf file 
> appears to work (I haven't inspected it.), this causes an error every 
> time that sendmail is configured.  This has been a long standing problem 
> - over a year.

There are several levels for the severity of a bug.

> I'd also like to suggest enabling some of the more commonly used 
> features, such as virtusertable and blacklisting.

file as bug, category - wishlist

> I'd rather use the Debian stock packages rather than have to replace 
> sendmail every time I update.  I can even donate a preconfigured 
> sendmail.mc file if it will help.
> T.J.

The reportbug package is a great tool. Just run 'reportbug
package-name' and answer the questions. It will also retrieve other
bugreports and lets you add comments if your issue is already reported.

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