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Re: Thunderbird does not show attachments any longer

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Uwe Dippel wrote:
> On Mon, 04 Sep 2006 16:18:07 -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>> Nevertheless, have you considered upgrading to, either thru
>> backports.or or the mozilla.org binary?
> I answered this elsewhere here:

Sorry.  I read the thread but must have missed it.

> If ever we wanted to take a larger part of the desktop / server market, we
> have to change our attitudes.
> If I run Debian stable, apt-get should give me a proper, working system.
> What a strange approach, to suggest users follow development of their
> applications and decide to upgrade from other sources to prevent bit-rot.
> Ron, this is surely not personal. I appreciate your input, even. But if
> we wanted to convince Joe User to go for Linux (or GNU/Linux), we can't
> want to require Joe to become a geek in order to use it.

Really?  :(

> apt-get is one of the greatest items in FOSS; superior to anything else,
> including Windoze update (of course).
> It must be and remain a one-stop item to get a system to update and for a
> user to  run in order to know about the current state of your 'stable'
> system. Not Wikis, lists, googles, bit-rots, bugzillas, backports and
> stuff.

You're right.  This bug *should* be fixed.

OTOH, IMNSHO, what the heck are you doing running Moz 1.0.2 (or
1.0.8)???????  Upgrade already!!!!!!!!!

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

Is "common sense" really valid?
For example, it is "common sense" to white-power racists that
whites are superior to blacks, and that those with brown skins
are mud people.
However, that "common sense" is obviously wrong.
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