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Horrible mouse problems under Sid with 2.6.17, latest xorg

For some time I have had problems with the mouse becoming erratic (losing 
synch?) and generating a flurry of click events, generally opening a bunch of 
Konq windows and inserting random cuts/pastes and other click events into 
whatever I happen to be working on (most commonly coding with KDevelop).  I 
cannot reliably reproduce the behavior - usually starts a few minutes into 
session and seems to perhaps occur mainly when I have the mouse over the 
bottom of the screen at the Kicker bar.  Usually, but not always, the mouse 
becomes unresponsive after the unwanted activity subsides.  Restarting X with 
Ctrl-Alt-Backspc does not restore normal mouse behavior.

My system - home built Athlon 2400 PC, Mitsumi scroll mouse.
	          - Linux 2.6.17 source from debian, built by me with make-kpkg
		  - no power management enabled in kernel config.
		  - kernel config mouse support for PS/2
		  - ImPS/2 selected in xorg.conf; scroll enabled

My wife is begging me to "get rid of that @#$% Debian thing" and go back to 

Any ideas?
David Bruce

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