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Webcams and communicating with a windows system

Hello all,

I recently got a Webcam for my Debian system and I've gotten it all
working and haven't had any problems with it on my side of things.
However the main reason for getting this webcam was so that I could
communicate with other people. Is there a good HowTo somewhere on what
software is good to use to communicate with someone else who has a
webcam but is running Windows? I've tried getting things working using
Ekiga/Gnomemeeting, but I haven't had much luck with that.

Anybody have any other thoughts? Also if you could also reply directly
to my as well as to the list that would be great.

 o)    Derek Wueppelmann               (o
(D .    monkey@monkey.homeip.net        D).
((`      http://monkey.homeip.net/     ( ) `

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