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Re: Sid: Recorded audio CD is just an hour of nothing

> > > Unfortunately, the CD is dead air. When I listen to the mp3
> > > before it's burned, in K3b, it's fine. When I stick the resulting
> > > audio CD into the drive, the auto-sense routings recognize it as
> > > an audio CD, correctly identify the track/tracks, and then play
> > > silence.

> On Thursday 31 August 2006 20:15, Christopher Richard Nelson 
> <chris@cavein.org> was heard to say:
> > Is the 'CD' muted in your mixer?

On 01.09.06 09:07, Curt Howland wrote:
> I tried every combination of volume, mute, unmute, active, inactive, 
> that I could and it made no difference.
> However, I took the disk over to a stand-alone player and it worked. 
> The reason I didn't try the stand-alone player yesterday is because I 
> have had this problem before, where an audio CD that I made wouldn't 
> play in anything and I thought that that problem was still occurring.
> I'll try some combinations using the console and alsa-mixer instead of 
> kmix, just to see if it makes any difference, but at least writing 
> the disk itself worked this time.

Can you play normal audio CD's now? Could you play before?

There are 2 ways to play audio CD in computer: analog and digital.
- Analog requires special cable from CDROM to your soundcard which transfers
the cound directly and this way you tune volume using the "cdrom" bar.
- Digital requires drive that supports digital audio extraction (grabbing),
transfers audio through bus (ide,pci/isa) and you tune sound with "PCM" bar.

Maybe you don't have the sound cable, and after upgrade your players
switched from digital to analog audio extraction, thus you don't hear the

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