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Re: Webcams and communicating with a windows system

Derek Wueppelmann wrote:

> Hello all,
> I recently got a Webcam for my Debian system and I've gotten it all
> working and haven't had any problems with it on my side of things.
> However the main reason for getting this webcam was so that I could
> communicate with other people. Is there a good HowTo somewhere on what
> software is good to use to communicate with someone else who has a
> webcam but is running Windows? I've tried getting things working using
> Ekiga/Gnomemeeting, but I haven't had much luck with that.
> Anybody have any other thoughts? Also if you could also reply directly
> to my as well as to the list that would be great.
I have managed to communicate with Windows users using mercury messenger. I
think that Ekiga now has a beta version for Windows. You might try either
of those.

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