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Re: pdftex on Debian...

Redefined Horizons wrote:
I searched the Debian package repository for a "pdftex" package but
couldn't find one. I need to convert a tex file to pdf. Does Debian
have a package with a utility that will allow me to do this?

Yes, you can get PDF from a tex file.

You can use pdflatex on a tex file to get a PDF right away with all the hyperlinks and stuff:
$> pdflatex foo.tex

Or you can use latex on a tex file to get dvi and from dvi you get ps (using dvips) and from ps you get (using ps2pdf):
$> latex foo
$> dvips -Ppdf -G0 -t letter foo.dvi -o foo.ps
$> ps2pdf foo.ps

Or you can just use pdftex on foo.tex.

I think tetex-bin package gives you these commands. You can also try texlive packages (texlive-base and others).


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