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Re: Is the xserver-xorg configuration system broken?

On Thu, 17 Aug 2006 17:38:44 +0200
Florian Kulzer <florian@molphys.leidenuniv.nl> wrote:


> I have no experience with SiS video hardware, therefore I can only make
> general remarks:
> If you are unsure about the capabilities of your monitor you can try to
> find it on http://www.monitorworld.com/Monitors/ or to google for the
> model number. If you put the correct ranges for HorizSync and
> VertRefresh into the "Monitor" section of xorg.conf everything should be
> "safe". Maybe the ranges are currently specified too small and this
> prevents you from running at a higher resolution.
> Maybe the problem is with the ModeLine(s); it is easy to make a mistake
> there. I would try to comment out all of them and let Xorg pick the
> values according to the requested resolution and the specified monitor
> frequency ranges. All the systems I have set up in recent years have
> worked without any ModeLines in xorg.conf (or XF86Config-4). Then I
> would add "1024x768" as the first entry of all "Modes" lines in the
> "Screen" section and hope that Xorg can figure out the rest itself.
> -- 
> Regards,
>           Florian

Thanks for the useful pointer to monitorworld.com. The front bezel of the monitor says "Midwest Micro Elite", and since the screen is about 14 inches diagonally, it would seem to be this monitor: http://monitorworld.com/Monitors/midwest/microelite14.html. On the other hand, there's a label on the back which says "Infotel Model F562D", which isn't listed on monitorworld. Googling "Infotel F562D" only returns one useless result.
Assuming it's the Midwest Micro Elite 14, monitorworld says: "H Freq/ V Freq:  30-64 khz / 100 hz". I assume that means that I want "HorizSync 30-64", but what should 'VertRefresh' be, just '100'? Also, the xorg.conf man page says that the units default to Hz unless MHz or kHz are added to the end of the line. Does that mean that the lines "HorizSync 28-38" and "VertRefresh 43-72" which are currently in xorg.conf are interpreted as Hz, and that I actually need "HorizSync 30-64 kHz"?


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