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Re: kernel-compiling noob

On 7/24/06, John O'Hagan <johnohagan@iprimus.com.au> wrote:

My suggestion would be to google for some recent and more Debian-specific
kernel-compile how-to's; for example, using make-kpkg makes it a lot simpler
by making a .deb kernel package you can then install just like a regular
package. You do have to move /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VERSION out of the way if
you are re-compiling the same kernel version, but I think you get prompted
for that.

OMG, the README for kernel-package is murder.  I was hoping to take
the most recent stable kernel source from kernel.org, apply the Debian
and realtime and mm patches, and build the kernel.  I'm having trouble
finding any documentation on Debian or AGNULA for doing both; each has
different instructions, and the AGNULA doc actually says the process
won't include the Debian patches.
My reasons are that the latest AGNULA-distributed kernel is 2.6.14,
and udev requires 2.6.15, and the only 2.6.15 in any of my packages is
a transition.
I'm struggling to grasp all of this, but as I understand it, if I want
AGNULA and udev I'll have to compile it myself.  Also, as I said
before, Rosegarden requires finer timing res than the standard AGNULA

Am I going about this right?  I d/l the kernel source from kernel.org,
find the Debian and multimedia patches, apply the patches, and then
follow one of the sets of instructions to get jiggy with it.


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