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Re: xorg 7, radeon mobility m6 and dri

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 04:51:25AM -0700, Land Haj wrote:
> When I do 'glxinfo | grep rendering' in sarge and sid, it says direct
> rendering is not enabled.

That's odd, because the X log definately says everything is fine.

> In sid, doing glxgears results in very slowy and choppily turning wheels
> and no fps gets reported. This is not the case with sarge -- I get some
> 150 fps there and the wheels spin like crazy. On both sid and sarge, the
> cpu spikes when glxgears is run.
> Here is the conf and log from the sid 16 bit session.

The DRI initialization in your X log looks good. It looks like everything is
fine in the X server at 16 bit. I guess Florian might be right. It could be
a problem with the mesa libraries. I'm using the 6.5 version of the mesa
libraries from experimental, so I can't tell you if there is a problem with
the 6.4 version in sid or not. 

> Again -- thanks so much for taking time with this!

No problem. I wish I could help more.

CJ van den Berg


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