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memtest= won't load

Hi list, I'm trying to diagnose what I think is a hardware problem
causing random hard-locks of my debian sid machine. 

its an athlon xp2800 on an asus a7n266-vm board, 256 megs ram.

it will randomly lock hard, no ssh, nothing. must reboot. so okay,
lmsensors reports the voltage are out of whack, so since its an older
machine, 5 years or so, I put in a new power supply. no good as sensors
reports the same voltages as before, probably not a properly
configured sensor config. bios reports all voltages spot on. (should
have checked that first, oh well)

next on my checklist os memtest. I've tried to boot into memtest from
both the harddrive and the floppy that can be created with the
memtest+ package. upon booting it says memtest is too big to fit in
memory. wah? 

the memtest+.bin image is only 93K. 

any insight? 



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