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Re: memtest= won't load

On Thursday 06 July 2006 2:56 pm, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> Hi list, I'm trying to diagnose what I think is a hardware problem
> causing random hard-locks of my debian sid machine.
> its an athlon xp2800 on an asus a7n266-vm board, 256 megs ram.
> it will randomly lock hard, no ssh, nothing. must reboot. so okay,
> lmsensors reports the voltage are out of whack, so since its an older
> machine, 5 years or so, I put in a new power supply. no good as sensors
> reports the same voltages as before, probably not a properly
> configured sensor config. bios reports all voltages spot on. (should
> have checked that first, oh well)
> next on my checklist os memtest. I've tried to boot into memtest from
> both the harddrive and the floppy that can be created with the
> memtest+ package. upon booting it says memtest is too big to fit in
> memory. wah?
> the memtest+.bin image is only 93K.
> any insight?
> thanks
> A

Download and Burn the ultimate boot cd:

Run the memory tests (and other hardware) tests from it.

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Thursday Jul 06, 2006


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