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Re: Is Xen for Stable/Unstable distro a good idea?

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 08:05:33PM +0300, Linas ??virblis wrote:
> David Baron wrote:
> > Qemu is a fairly simple virtualizer. Since a virtual machine sport differing 
> > "hardware" (emulated) than the real one, running off a real filesystem is 
> > kind of dangerous. Feeding qemu the real thing is rejected. It will play off 
> > diskettes and live CDs.
> QEMU can run of real file systems just fine - just point it to a device
> file instead of disk image. Of course, you should not expect it to run
> an OS that was not installed trough QEMU itself.

I've followed this thread a bit and maybe you all can help me. I've
got a winxp partition that I have to boot into only occaisionally to
get some archived data from an old quickbooks file. Can I
use one of these solutions to do that? or am I better waiting for wine
to support quickbooks (not yet afaik).

performance is not an issue, just like to avoid reboots and then
printing or saving to a common partition and the like.


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