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OT : need advice on bluebottle

The online bluebottle forum ( http://forums.bluebottle.com/ ) requires me to 
register for a bluebottle address before posting anything. However, I do not 
want to register with their service without knowing answers to some 

Can we subscribe to mailing lists like debian-user using bluebottle's service? 
Will it create any problems in the future? If you are a bluebottle user could 
you throw some advice on advantages/disadvantages of using their service?

Before someone says it, I know that CR systems have their own disadvantages. 
However, my current gmail address is being bombarded with spam emails (of the 
order of 100 everyday) as the address is archived on internet. I have tried 
various things besides reporting the spam emails to www.spamcop.net and the 
matters have become worse since then.

So finally, I am considering discarding the gmail's service and getting a free 
account on bluebottle. Any advice in this regard is highly appreciated.



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