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Re: Is Xen for Stable/Unstable distro a good idea?

David Baron wrote:

> Qemu is a fairly simple virtualizer. Since a virtual machine sport differing 
> "hardware" (emulated) than the real one, running off a real filesystem is 
> kind of dangerous. Feeding qemu the real thing is rejected. It will play off 
> diskettes and live CDs.

QEMU can run of real file systems just fine - just point it to a device
file instead of disk image. Of course, you should not expect it to run
an OS that was not installed trough QEMU itself.

By the way, QEMU is an emulator, not virtualizer. The OS inside QEMU is
almost totally isolated from your real hardware.

> A vritualizer that runs the actual hardware, playing traffic cop between the 
> real session and the virtual sessions?? Real native speed and effective 
> multimedia?

Xen runs at native performance, QEMU does not.
QEMU can run any OS, Xen cannot.

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