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Re: X default fonts


On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 01:46:45PM -0400, Derek Martin wrote:
> I'm using the debian installer to do an automated install of a bunch
> of workstations.  We have various users who speak non-English
> languages, so I installed every font package I could.
> Problem:
> I myself speak Korean (albeit badly).  After installing all the fonts,
> two undesirable effects have occured:
> 1. When I bring up Gnome's font configuration dialog, the fonts that
> are displayed in it are some kind of cursive script font.
> 2. Whenever I view Korean characters, the Korean font which is chosen
> to display the fonts is also some kind of hand-written script.  
> These hand-written fonts are really hard to read, except at fairly
> large sizes.  When I read English texts, the fonts that are displayed
> are not what I would prefer, but they're perfectly suitable.
> In the font configurator, I've left the fonts configured as the
> defaults, "Sans", "Serif", and "Monospace".  So the questions are, why
> does Debian choose these horrible fonts as the defaults, and how do I
> change it?

This is a really un-optimal solution, but if you edit your
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf, you can change the order that fonts are preferred
(just search for the <prefer> tags).  Move the fonts that are more
readable nearer to the top.  Unfortunately, fonts.conf is a file that
shouldn't be changed... it would be better to edit local.conf, but I
don't know enough about how fontconfig works to do that.

Good luck,

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