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Re: HP Printer and Pre-Rendering

Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

My girlfriend uses Debian (on my recommendation, though I
use Fedora Core), and we've hit a little snag. It turns
out that for some of the applications, her HP printer
prints raw PostScript.

Which applications / which files? I posted about a similar problem

We haven't made an extensive search. What she wanted to do was
print some "digital photographs" (JPEG format files created by
a "digital camera"), but crop them first. So she tried using the
GIMPS image editor to do the cropping, which worked ok, but then
when she tried to print it the raw PostScript came out.

Our solution was to save the cropped image, and then use Mozilla
(the web browser) to open the file and print it. That worked.

("man -t problem") on this list a few days ago. This was due,
apparently, to a (probably recent) bug in the "file" program,
which some printer drivers (input filters) use to detect the file
type. See also http://bugs.debian.org/file.

Ok, I'll have a look.

I my case the following worked: edit /etc/magic as root and add
the lines


My print driver (Brother HL2030) uses "file". I do not know if
hpijs does. If it does not, the above solution will not work, of
course. But it may be worth a try.

Thanks for that. I'll shoot her a copy of this and we'll give it
a try. I'll also get back here to let all know whether this
resolved the problem.

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