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Gnome Application menu oddity

I have two laptops with Etch installed on them.

One was installed using the Beta 2 net install and one was installed
using the Beta 1 net install.

They have both been dist-upgraded to the same level since then.

On the laptop installed with Beta 1, there is no 'Debian' sub-menu off
of the 'Application' menu in Gnome.  I thought this was just a design
decision to have to have it removed.  I looked around through the
available packages and couldn't find anything promising.  Various
'tweak' apps also turned up nothing.  I moved on.

When I built the other laptop with Beta 2, I was astonished to see
that it had the 'Debian' menu.

My question is: how can I get this menu menu back on the other system?
I really miss it.

Thank you!


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