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Re: apt-get pinning ? - Sarge / Stable - only install certain/specific packages from "testing"

Olafur Jens Sigurdsson wrote:

* If so, how can I make upgrade mine from 3.1r1 to 3.1r2 -- would it be as
simple as 'sudo apt-get update' ?

apt-get update only updates the repository for your computer. That is
it only fetches a file from the server you specifie in
/etc/apt/sources.list that says what packages are available and where
to find them (along with other info).
To actually upgrade you have to do apt-get upgrade.

You also need to do `apt-get dist-upgrade`
the difference is that `apt-get upgrade` won't install packages that require new packages (previously not installed) to get installed or to remove old packages (because new packages/newly named packages replace them)

though note, I don't know about the apt-get pinning part; at least I hope it won't do something wrong with `apt-get upgrade`/`apt-get dist-upgrade`



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