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Re: Two versions

On Sun, Jun 25, 2006 at 08:34:40PM -0700, Michael M. wrote:
> Christopher Nelson wrote:
> >something to the effect of "Are all your other
> >operating systems listed below? // Debian Sarge (on hda2)".  If you see
> >that, it should be safe to overwrite your MBR.
> Will it really identify the other installation as "Debian Sarge"?  When 
> I installed Etch, the Grub menu list entry it created for itself makes 
> no mention of "Etch" -- just "Debian GNU/Linux" and the specific kernel 
> appear in the title.
> Of course you can easily change that.  I'm just not sure if the 
> installer will identify the specific Debian distribution by name all by 
> itself.

I wasn't sure, which is why I used the words "to the effect of"--it
would have taken a long time for me to download a CD, then do two
installs to an emulator.

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
There's no real need to do housework -- after four years it doesn't get
any worse.

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