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Re: SOLVED: Re: CUPS 1.2.1 error - printer not connected

Chris Lale wrote:
Florian Kulzer wrote:
[ ... ]
Were the modules lp, parport, and parport_pc loaded during boot?
Did udev create /dev/lp0?

(My Sid box currently does not create /dev/lp0 unless I modprobe lp.)
Well-guessed! /dev/lp0 did not exist. I created it with

   # modprobe lp

and restarted CUPS with

   # /etc/init.d/cupsys stop
   # /etc/init.d/cupsys start

The printer now works. This seems to have been reported as udev bug #351668: Parallel port /dev/lp0 is not created on boot.

Please also see the bug #374145 I reported and posted about to this list.

The problem was *not* with udev but with the kernel not loading module "lp" at boot-up. Once I had done "modprobe lp", udev added /dev/lp0.

A previous similar problem I had was that the IDE-CDRW on this computer wasn't available to applications. The answer I received in response to my reportbug submission was to add "ide-cd" to /etc/modules. I experimented with removing "ide-cd" with each new kernel and placing it back in /etc/modules if needed.

At present, with linux-image-2.6.16-2-686 version 2.6.16-14 I only have "lp" uncommented in /etc/modules.

Thanks Florian.


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