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Re: Replying to list

Ron Johnson wrote:
Competent MUAs (like Mutt/elm and Evolution) have a
Reply-to-List command.
I wouldn't call Thunderbird incompetent, but your point is well

Tbird is lacking in specific competence.

Being able to import mbox files is another aggravating area of

I would rather say: the inability to keep and save all your mails in mbox files is another aggravating area of incompetence.

It is rather annoying and a possible threat to mail-archive-integrity that Tbird stores all mails of a folder in a single file. The user has to 'compact' their folders in order to really 'delete' messages out of that file that were moved to the Trash and expunged from the Trash long ago...

For users of virus-ridden OSes that also means that e-mail viruses remain on the system until they are deleted, expunged and compacted (yes, three individual manual steps!)

[For users of linux it's the same three steps.]


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