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Re: iTunes Lib. to Ogg

On Wednesday 21 June 2006 06:11, CRASSlogic wrote:
> Greets all.
> I recently installed Debian on my PowerMac G4. Having
> used OS X for a long time, i've acquired a perfectly
> organized library of full CD's, no drm, in the aac
> format.
> I've recently learned about how aac and mp3 are
> proprietary formats, and what that's all about in
> general. I've looked into and rather admire the Ogg
> Vorbis codec, and want very much to use it. My
> question is; is there a way (here in Debian, Sarge) to
> convert my iTunes library (currently 20.8GB) to Ogg
> Vorbis? I can't find a batch encoder or similar
> myself, having spent quite some time on google.
> Any information is sincerely appreciated.
>   --Q

You can use xmms to do this with the xmms-mp4 and xmms-oggre plugins. The -mp4 
allows you to play the file and the -oggre allows you to convert the output 
on the fly to .ogg, so all you really need to do is put all the songs you 
want converted into a big playlist hit play and xmms plays/converts the songs 
while putting the .ogg files into a directory of your choice. 

You would want something like easytag to put the proper tags back into the 
resulting .ogg's. It can search the internet via the CDDB database(s) to fill 
in the tags for your albums or you can if you have named the files properly 
before conversion use the fill masks feature using the file names to fill in 
the tags. Unfortunately according to the description it does not seem to 
support aac so renaming before conversion to make it really easy looks like a 


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