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Re: Xorg 7.0 and ATI working!

Bill Wohler wrote:
In case there are still folks out there that like me have xserver-xorg
6.8 on hold because of the reports that X would freeze up if you had
an ATI card, I'd like to report that all is well.

I share the sentiments that the upgrade was a non-event for such a
major upgrade (at least now that the problems exposed with the early
reports have been fixed). I went into aptitude, unheld xorg-xserver,
hit U, and then g. Although I was expecting to have to apt-get install
-f a few times, I didn't have to run it once!

I have:

  IBM ThinkPad t40p
  ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R250 Lf [FireGL 9000] (rev 02)
  Debian etch

I haven't seen any strange behavior in a few days now. I believe I
read that the ATI fixes were applied to Xorg 7.1, but it appears that
the these fixes were also applied to xserver-xorg-video-ati
which is available to Debian users of Xorg 7.0.

My thanks and appreciation go out to the X Strike Force.

A couple of notes:

1. glxgears missing

The fix was to install mesa-utils.

do you have 3D hw acceleration working? I thought it's not working or VERY experimental in free ati driver

2. The courier fonts were ugly.

The fix was to rebuild xorg.conf (I'm assuming with a proper font
path). I did not have to resort to the workaround presented in

some of my fonts look prety ugly too, how did you figure out what the proper font path is? Whatever was there after dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?



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