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Re: Xorg 7.0 and ATI working!

Joris <jopa@kotnet.org> wrote:

> On Tue, 2006-06-20 at 15:19 -0700, Bill Wohler wrote:
> <snip>
> >   sudo sh -c "readlink /etc/X11/X | md5sum > /var/lib/x11/X.md5sum"
> <snip>
> (totally off topic, but a thought maybe worth sharing:)
> I used to pull similar tricks to redirect output to a file writable only
> by root. it can be done without spawning a root shell, though:
>   readlink /etc/X11/X | md5sum | sudo tee /var/lib/x11/X.md5sum
> it has the added bonus of showing what you've just written to the file
> (unless you tack '>/dev/null' to the end of the line, of course). see
> tee(1) for more info (the append option is handy for replacing '>>')

Another for the "Now, why didn't I think of that?" category. Nice.

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