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Re: debian testing netinstall via pppoe?

Dave Patterson <sdpatt2@gmail.com> writes:

> Using the netinstall ISO (not the businesscard), do a normal installation,
> leaving the network unconfigured.  This will be a base install only, but
> the package pppoeconf is on that cd.  Once you have the base install in,
> simply apt-get install pppoeconf, and use that to get your connection
> going.  From there, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list, and install whatever
> else you need from there.

OK, thanks.  I have now already installed using the binary-1 CD.  I
have installed quite a couple of Debian systems using netinstall
(indeed all installations I have done were netinstall installations),
but it was always in a working network environment.  This time I
wanted to replace my home brewn completely self compiled
router/mail/news/dhcp/dns server with pppoe to the provider with a
Debian installation.  I still have some problems with the SCSI and
LVM2 setup.  See other posting.


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