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Re: debian testing netinstall via pppoe?

* Urs Thuermann <urs@isnogud.escape.de> [2006-06-18 09:17:29 +0200]:

> Is it possible to use the etch netinstall CD to install a debian
> testing system via pppoe?  I have tried but didn't succeed.  The
> installer only lets me choose between the two ethernet network cards
> and then asks me for IP configuration for the selected NIC.  But I'd
> need to configure ppp parameters, i.e. username and password for my
> provider.
> urs
This works for the testing distribution, not sure about Sarge:

Using the netinstall ISO (not the businesscard), do a normal installation,
leaving the network unconfigured.  This will be a base install only, but
the package pppoeconf is on that cd.  Once you have the base install in,
simply apt-get install pppoeconf, and use that to get your connection
going.  From there, edit your /etc/apt/sources.list, and install whatever
else you need from there.



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