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Re: Have DVD burner, will backup!

On Sat, 17 Jun 2006 22:44:00 +0300
David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:

> The other script (darmonizer) defaults its size to the full 4 gigs.

All I could get out of darmonizer was "waiting for the <first volume>"
and then it just stops.

dar itself seems to work -  I used it over the weekend to back up my
whole system, in a couple of hours. At default compression, it backed
up a 30 gig drive (not exactly full, of course) to 3 DVD-RWs). But in
order to restore, I have to load all three volumes someplace to restore
the files.

Dar seems to be able to do the job (i.e., backup) well enough, although
it is a bit clunky. But it does it better than mindi/mondo at a
reasonable compression rate, which took all night to do the same task
-- and fell over. Obviously, if I start a backup at 9PM and go to bed,
I don't want the system beeping me to change media at 3:00 AM :(.

Incrementals are still going to take some time provided one has to load
the backup media onto the system before proceeding, of course, which is
something I'll need to do... I don't have a whole lot of space

K3B will also work - on /home, for instance, provided /home fits onto
precisely one DVD-RW. It too gets really bogged down at times. 

> I mean stay off certain directories, such as /mnt, /tmp, etc. There are a lot 
> of hidden directorys which I may want to exclude such as those that cache 

I pruned the obvious stuff (/proc /sys /media /dev) and excluded the
dar images themselves - if one doesn't do that, it'll inform you of a
possible endless loop.

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