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Re: Have DVD burner, will backup!

Trying it out now with a noburn option with a .dar file size limit. See if
this works. Am I correct to assume that it will fill the first one, burn it
while filling the next one, remove it after burning/verifying and continue
until done/disk is full?

I had never thought of burning the DVD multisession in order to reduce
temporary storage.  I was using the file size limit because mkisofs
refuses to add any file larger than 2 gigs to an ISO so I needed the
option in order to get it to fill a whole dvd at all.

Still takes a very long time and verifying will also take a long time. This
ammount of time, if user intervention be required, will discourage backups.

Yeah.  The real time savings is in incremental backups where it only
backs up the stuff that hasn't been backed up before, and changes.  I
haven't taken that ability from dar, and put it in my script yet.

So sometime along the line, needed:
1. Tell me how many disks I will need and some time estimates.

When compression is being used it is impossible to know ahead of time
exactly how much space it will take.  Time is dependent on not only
disk IO speed, but how long it takes to compress data.  Really
anything I come up with would be an estimate, and I'm not sure how to
come up with a good number yet.  Maybe collecting statistics will help
set good estimation defaults.

2. Option not to verity. The other script has this.

Unverified backups should not be trusted, but I guess I can add this
if it makes people happy.

3. Exclude options. I think dar defaults these.

There are a whole bunch of options hard coded into the script to not
compress filetypes that are already compressed.  Is this what you

Anyway, the slice size limit did not work. Should--simply passed on to dar?

significant amounts of code would have to be rewritten I think.

In anycase my script needs work.  Thanks a lot for the feedback you
gave me a lot of ideas.

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