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Re: Have DVD burner, will backup!

On Tuesday 20 June 2006 02:19, David E. Fox wrote:
> On Sat, 17 Jun 2006 22:44:00 +0300
> David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:
> > The other script (darmonizer) defaults its size to the full 4 gigs.
> All I could get out of darmonizer was "waiting for the <first volume>"
> and then it just stops.
> dar itself seems to work -  I used it over the weekend to back up my
> whole system, in a couple of hours. At default compression, it backed
> up a 30 gig drive (not exactly full, of course) to 3 DVD-RWs). But in
> order to restore, I have to load all three volumes someplace to restore
> the files.
> Dar seems to be able to do the job (i.e., backup) well enough, although
> it is a bit clunky. But it does it better than mindi/mondo at a
> reasonable compression rate, which took all night to do the same task
> -- and fell over. Obviously, if I start a backup at 9PM and go to bed,
> I don't want the system beeping me to change media at 3:00 AM :(.
> Incrementals are still going to take some time provided one has to load
> the backup media onto the system before proceeding, of course, which is
> something I'll need to do... I don't have a whole lot of space
> available.
> K3B will also work - on /home, for instance, provided /home fits onto
> precisely one DVD-RW. It too gets really bogged down at times.
> > I mean stay off certain directories, such as /mnt, /tmp, etc. There are a
> > lot of hidden directorys which I may want to exclude such as those that
> > cache
> I pruned the obvious stuff (/proc /sys /media /dev) and excluded the
> dar images themselves - if one doesn't do that, it'll inform you of a
> possible endless loop.

I got daromizer to produce and burn one (smaller) slice. Could not coax it 
into continuing from there.

I have a feeling that having to load all three disks is part of dar's method.

Mondo keeps a catalog so may be better and also does the whole job. Has 
numerous command options similar to dar. One can write script once to take 
care of original and for differential backups. Also produces bootable media.

However, it shares the same problem. One must have the whole 4.5 gig available 
for the image and it takes all day to make that one. Has 9 different 
compression levels and apparently can use lzo.

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