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Re: Scripting question

On Monday 19 June 2006 13:00, Anil Gupte wrote:
> Why does
> echo /l3dat/${Serial_Nuumber}.tar.gz
> give me
> /l3dat/ TLO00003.tar.gz
> In other words, why is it putting an etra space in there (after the
> second /) and how can I get rid of it?
> And yes, there is no space there.  I checked by using
> Serial_Number=${Serial_Number##" "}

Have you tried concatenating two strings?  Starting with:


then concatenated them?

If that works, great, if you still get a leading space on tfile, try:

tfile=${tfile# }

AFTER you've set $tfile.  It's a regex that will eliminate a leading 


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