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Debian stable & SATA drive

I have an Abit AX8 motherboard, specifications here:
with Athlon 64 3000+.
I have tried both 3.1r2 i386 stable and 3.1r0a amd64 stable.

The motherboard has four SATA ports.  I want to use three of these ports
for software RAID5.  I am trying a single SATA drive on each of the
ports.  The first and second work fine with the Debian installer, but
the third and fourth are not detected at all.  BIOS detects the drive
anywhere.  It was suggested on IRC to set up a single-drive JBOD array,
but the BIOS utility doesn't allow that.  There are no options in the
BIOS for SATA drives other than disabling the onboard RAID utility,
which doesn't help.

I know I don't have any hardware problems because I have successfully
installed Fedora Core 5 on the drive when connected to the third port.

Why doesn't Debian detect the drive?  More importantly, what can I do to
make it detect it?  I have tried all (only two) of the parameters for
the sata_via (or via_sata) module.


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