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Re: Determinate the directory whithin a script

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Paolo Pantaleo wrote:
> 2006/6/18, Paolo Pantaleo <paolopantaleo@gmail.com>:
>> I have a script in something like
>> /media/sda1/backup/script.sh
>> since sda1 could be also sda2 or anything, I want to determintate at
>> run-time what is the directory in which the script is located, how can
>> I do?
>> pwd doesn't work, since I cuold call the script from some other direcotry
>> Thnx
>> PAolo
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> $0 is just the command line... maybe `pwd` + $0 could do the work...
> but not if the scipt is in the PATH...
> I can't use udev... but maybe I'll read something about it
> Well for now I will assume that the script is launched only from
> the directory in which it is located... it seems the easyer way.

How about something like:

$ scriptdir=$(/media/[hs]d[a-d][1-4]/backup/script.sh)

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