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Re: Determinate the directory whithin a script

Paolo Pantaleo wrote:
2006/6/18, Paolo Pantaleo <paolopantaleo@gmail.com>:
I have a script in something like


since sda1 could be also sda2 or anything, I want to determintate at
run-time what is the directory in which the script is located, how can
I do?

pwd doesn't work, since I cuold call the script from some other direcotry


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$0 is just the command line... maybe `pwd` + $0 could do the work...
but not if the scipt is in the PATH...

I can't use udev... but maybe I'll read something about it

Well for now I will assume that the script is launched only from
the directory in which it is located... it seems the easyer way.

I don't think you can reliably figure out where the script was loaded from, after all it didn't even had to be loaded from file system.

guess you know it but just in case: general practice is to put script in some bin dir (~/bin or /usr/local/bin or /opt/myVeryOwnBackupSystem-version/bin or something along those lines) and use a command line argument to specify directory to process (script.sh --dir /media/sda1/backup).


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