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Re: boolean search

On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 18:00:49 -0500, John Hasler wrote:
> Florian Kulzer writes:
> > I would like to have something like that here, but I have arranged to have it 
> > indirectly on unix because I know that unix people are not interested in such 
> > affairs.
> Why do you say that?

Actually, I did not say that at all. (Francesco Pietra did.)


> Package: namazu2


> Description: Full text search engine (namazu binary and cgi)
>  Namazu is a full text search engine with is usable via cgi. It features
>  a simple and easy setup, and is written in C and Perl. Namazu uses the
>  text utilities nkf and kakasi (or chasen, which is not available in
>  Debian).

Since I am mailing anyway: I would like to recommend namazu2. It is very
fast since it generates a search index. (You can update the index in a
nightly cron job.) It can process a wide range of formats, such as PDF,
KOffice, Open Office old and new, Latex sources and DVIs, .debs, mp3 ID
tags, some MS Office files, and many more. The search results can be
displayed in a browser of your choice, ready for you to click on. I use
it for both my home directory and my collection of scientific articles,
and I would not find anything anymore without it.

Even better, there is "nmzmail" which integrates namazu searches into
mutt. It generates a directory with symlinks to all mails that match
your query and opens this directory like a normal mail folder. You can
then of course apply mutt's own powerful search expressions to these
pre-selected mails.


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