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Need to rewrite Reply-To and possibly Sener in Exim4

I know that most view this as the wrong thing to do, but I feel I have a decent reason why.

I have a debian sarge box running exim4 configured with localhost.localdomain and routing through remote smtp smarthost.  Email from it sends just fine via the phpmail module that the web site uses.

The problem is that some external smtp servers are choking on Reply-To:

www-data@localhost.localdomain.  This is an obviously unroutable address.

The From field is being populated correctly and the phpmail app does specify the Reply-To, but it’s getting rewritten by exim to the www-data address.


I threw this into my update-exim4.conf.conf:

dc_headers_rewrite='$h_from: = $h_reply-to:'

Now I get in the header: Return-Path: <www-data@mydomain.com> This gets me half way there.  Now I just need to be able replace the www-data with the value to the left of the @ in the From field.

Any ideas?  I am a complete newbie to Exim and am suprised I got this far.

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