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Re: Need to rewrite Reply-To and possibly Sener in Exim4

Michael Gracy <mgracy@bellamax.com>:
>  I know that most view this as the wrong thing to do, but I feel I
>  have a decent reason why.
>  I have a debian sarge box running exim4 configured with
>  localhost.localdomain and routing through remote smtp smarthost.
>  Email from it sends just fine via the phpmail module that the web
>  site uses.
>  The problem is that some external smtp servers are choking on
>  Reply-To:
>  www-data@localhost.localdomain.  This is an obviously unroutable
>  address.
>  The From field is being populated correctly and the phpmail app
>  does specify the Reply-To, but it?s getting rewritten by exim to
>  the www-data address.
>  I threw this into my update-exim4.conf.conf:
>  dc_headers_rewrite='$h_from: = $h_reply-to:'
>  Now I get in the header: Return-Path: <www-data@mydomain.com> This
>  gets me half way there.  Now I just need to be able replace the
>  www-data with the value to the left of the @ in the From field.

Why not define a local user to whom www-data's mail should be

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