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Google Earth display problem

Google Earth is now available for Linux at http://earth.google.com.

I tried it on my Sid system and found (so far) two problems:

-- when the programs starts, it complains it cannot find the
   Bitstream Vera Sans font, although I have it installed.

-- the display behaves weirdly. This is difficult to describe,
   but the "earth" image does not stay put in its proper place
   inside the window; it often "jumps" to the left, becoming
   invisible, or sometimes half-obscured by the left edge of the
   window. Sometimes resizing the window will put the earth image
   back in its place.

I'm using a Radeon 9200 SE with the Linux (open-source) DRI
drivers (have to, because ATI does not seem to have a
proprietary driver for xorg 7.0). The openGL stuff seems to work
(at least, ppracer works OK; glxinfo says "direct rendering yes").

Any suggestions?

Regards, Jan

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