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Re: problem with etch2 netinstaller on laptop

thank you very much for the help,

Alle 23:05, sabato 10 giugno 2006, Florian Kulzer ha scritto:
> You installed Stable/Sarge, right? 

I wasn't able to install sarge, it didn't recognize the wired Ethernet card, 
so no chance for net install (Windoz identify it as intel PRO/100 VE), and I 
got some problem with the SATA disk too.

> At the moment I would not recommend going to Testing/Etch (let alone
> Unstable/Sid) unless you are already quite experienced with Linux. 
> There is currently a major transition of the X window system and, as Murphy
> would have it, the driver of your graphics card ("i810") is partially
> broken even on Etch and Sid. (There is no "direct rendering" hardware
> acceleration unless you use some packages from the experimental
> repository.)

The problems I reported was with Etch, and as you correctly assess I got 
problems with video card and wireless. 
Any hints are welcomed.

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