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local (parallel) printer does not show up when configuring cups


Debian unstable
kernel 2.6.15 patched for ttyUSB (why is this still not in the Debian kernel 
image?) but stock kernel 2.6.16-2-k7 does not make a difference
CUPS 1.2.1

Somehow my parallel devices /dev/lp0 to /dev/lp2 have evaporated. No hardware 
problem - I can print with that unloved "OS" from Redmond.
I got devices in /dev/.static/dev/lp0 but I cannot "cat printtest.txt 
> /dev/.static/dev/lp0"
Maybe I don't understand udev correctly. 
I did a MAKEDEV lp but nogo.
I got /dev/parport0
There is /dev/.static/dev/par0...2 and /dev/.static/dev/parport0...2

I'm at my wits end.
Unfortunately I cannot remember if this problem appeared after an update or 
what. It was too long ago that it happened. I just now came around to working 
on the problem.
Any help/hint is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Cheers to y'all , Eike

Eike Lantzsch ZP6CGE
Casilla de Correo 1519
Asuncion / Paraguay
Tel.: 595-21-578698 FAX: 595-21-578690

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