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Re: ext3 or xfs for desktop laptop

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David R. Litwin wrote:
>> I'm again posting out of context, due to many god posts.
> I think I'm going to stick with the "standard" ext3. XFS, though
> I'm sure an excellent fs, seems to be not as crash-resilient as
> ext3. As to the suggested lvm and CryptoFS, I don't think I need
> them. It seems that it may be the way of the future, but for FS, 
> I do want stability.
> Concerning the partitioner, I prefer gui to non, though I am
> comfortable with command-line. So, I guess qt / g parted is the
> way to go.

fdisk is menu-driven.  cfdisk is full-screen.

> Finally, the swap. I'm not too sure what these swap-files are,
> but it seems to me that a swap partiton is quite acceptable as a
> just-in-case. I'm simply unsure as to how large I should make it.

A swap *file* does the same thing a swap *partition* does.

Amazing, no?

> As an aside, Mr. Johnson noted that hyperthreading can slow my
> computer down. In relation to the research that I did when I was
> wondering which kernel to use (a long time ago), I found out that
> hyper threading simply tells the processor to use it's free time
> to execute more activities. I failed to see (and still do) how
> this can slow my computer down.

Read more.

    tells the processor to use it's free time to execute more

That's what *every* multi-tasking OS has done for the past 30 years.

HT makes the CPU look, to the OS, look like 2 CPUs.  Good in some
circumstances, bad in most.

>                                 And what are examples of threaded
> programmes? I could not find a list.
> I thank you kindly, O List.

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA  USA

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