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Re: ext3 or xfs for desktop laptop

On Thu, 08 Jun 2006 02:51:53 -0500
Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> wrote:

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> David R. Litwin wrote:
> > Hallo friendly list:
> > 
> > I've decided that windows has to go and a swap has to come. So, I'm a gonna
> > clear the hard drive of my Toshiba satellite A70 laptop and give myself a
> > new start on life. Now, I've been looking about some. It seems that ext3 or
> > xfs are the best filesystems, with /boot being on a seperate ext2 partition
> > using xfs (do I need to do this?). Is this true? Is it true of a laptop
> > which I use for every day desktop purposes? I hear also that xfs is a pain
> > to deal with if the system crashes. Is this true? 
> For simplicity, IMHO, stick with ext3, since it's the most widely
> used fs and therefore (a) the most debugged, and (b) has good
> maintenance tools.
> reiserfs is great if you are going to have lots of small files.  On
> a mail server, for example.
> xfs is great for *huge* files.  Video/audio editing, running a PVR, etc.
> I set up the partitions in this order:
> /boot  50MB
> /      12*GB*  (this strongly depends on how big your drive is)
> /home  the balance of the space on the drive.
> Note that there are no swap partitions.  This is because I use swap
> *files*, which give you much more flexibility.  (In case you add
> more RAM later, you just add another swapfile, whereas with
> partitions, you're stuck with your initial partition map.)

But IIRC swap files are slower then swap partitions. Probably a better solution
is to have a basic swap partition and then add swap files as needed (it I
recall there is also a utility for automatically adding swap files but I don't
remember more).

> >                                                  How so? Finally, I've
> > heard of zfs. Is this worth looking in to more?
> zfs, I'm 99.9% sure, is only implemented on Solaris.
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