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Re: Qmail + ZoneEdit and test with dnsreport.com

A quick check from my house reports that I cannot connect to port 25 on that IP address. I suspect that either your ISP is blocking inbound connections to port 25 or your local firewall is doing the same. I run a small isp and we do similar things for our residential customers to prevent things like open relays, etc from originating from our IP space. I would check their first.

Craig Russell

gaston Rey wrote:

Hello I have a Big problem, I am mounting a Mail
Server with qmail from my house with my personal
conection, the problem is that when I send messages
from a PC on my LAN configured with pop3 it can send
Ok and I check it was received but if I want to
response this mail it never arrive to destination, to
get another test I went to www.dnsreport.com and I put
my email address to test and it say that the
mailserver for domain is Ok, was cached and then:
Trying to connect to all mailservers:

  mail.maiasanta.com.ar. -  [Could not
connect: Could not receive data: Operation timed out.]

 [Note that if your mailserver takes over 30 seconds
to respond, our test will timeout, even though real
mailservers will wait longer]

I post the domain in case anyone can get more
Correo Yahoo!
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