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Re: eth* devices (again)

<snipped description of udev rules issue>

Nevermind. I goofed the HW address for my wireless card! I'm still not 100% clear on what's going on here. When the udev rules seemed not to be working, 'ip link' reported a different HW address for the card. When I put that address into the udev rules, it started working correctly.

Strangely now that it's working, I see the old "bad" address reported by both ifconfig and 'ip link'. The address they're reporting for the wireless card is NOT the one I have the udev rules file -- but it's working nonetheless. BTW, my wireless card seems to be the only one acting this way.

Anyone understand this changing of addresses? Does it have to do with this being a prism54 card -- one of the cards that requires a firmware load upon activation? Maybe that changes the reported address?

Rick Reynolds
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