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Re: xmms is not playing a steam link

	hello ->HS,

	I just check the music link out with xmms on sarge and all ok. 


                peter colton

On Monday 05 June 2006 00:07, H.S. wrote:
> Hi,
> The Winamp links on this page:
> http://desi-radio.com/servers.php
> are not playing in xmms in Debian Etch. However, another use is able to
> play the links on Xmms in Sid. Can somebody else running Etch try and
> report if this works for them?
> The Etch system has:
> xmms, version: 1.2.10+cvs20060429-1
> When the link is played in Xmms, Xmms seems to try to play it but after
> a fraction of a second just stops and does nothing.
> ->HS

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