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Re: Driver compilation question?

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Lachlan Patrick wrote:
> I want to get some devices working, but it seems I need to compile the
> drivers for these particular devices.
> Q: Is there somewhere that keeps compiled drivers for various versions
> of the [Debian] kernel to save users from having to download all that
> source code and fiddle around?
> The drivers are:
> - QuickCam Messenger USB (qc-usb 0.6.4 might work, AFAIK, but needs
> kernel source to compile against!)

Then apt-get install the 2.6.8 source deb.

> - S3 Unichrome Via (seems to need complete X-Windows source code tree to
> compile against!)

Ditto.  There are "-dev" debs for X.

> - I'm using Debian 3.1r1 with kernel 2.6.8 (but could downgrade to the
> other supplied kernel 2.4.27 if necessary)

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