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Re: What is in openoffice.org-core04u?

Liam O'Toole wrote:

Try deleting or moving ~/.openoffice2 when you switch between upstream
and Debian versions. (The two versions are installed to different
locations, so path information stored in your personal profile may be "incorrect" in the context of a given version).

Well, that may have fixed the sporadic errors. I renamed ~/.openoffice.org2 and restarted the program. I have loaded and resaved several documents and have not seen the error pop up. I will say that after I did this, and the directory was recreated there are quite a few more files in the new directory tree (151) than there were in the old tree (18), so I am guessing that this was probably the source of that problem.

It does not explain, however, why removing that package does not want to remove thye rest of OOo if it does, indeed, intertwine with everything else.

Marc Shapiro

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