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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Good luck.  It's about 330 miles from the first gas station in Washington to 
> the first gas station in California on I-5, the shortest way to make the 
> trip.

    330 miles, like that's a long distance.  Maybe I'll go back and forth for
an entire week, just for you.

> It's 307 miles from the Washington line to the Oregon line on I-5.
> Our problem isn't with people who just pass through, it's the ones who forget 
> to leave.

    Yes, yes, but you need people for your "progressive", totalitarian

> Every time I go out of state into Washington, Idaho, Nevada or up to Alberta 
> or BC, I have about equal odds of the station absolutely reeking of gasoline 
> because of a nice, big spill on the concrete.

    Or that could be because, you know, it's a gas station and fumes tend to
escape vehicles when they open up the tank.  I mean it's like going to the
dump and wondering why it reeks of garbage.

>> Even LA, the "evil one" you were never more than an hour from countryside. 

> Maybe if you live near the edge of the sprawl, sure.  But it takes well more 
> than an hour to get out of town from Orange County.  The fastest I ever made 
> it from SD to LA is two hours...at 3 in the morning on a Sunday.

    No edges needed, that's pretty much anywhere.  And news flash, Paul, San
Diego to Los Angeles is hardly urban the entire trip.

> I understand how much countryside that is.  However, the prime countryside 
> tends to be near cities, and tend to get stomped first.  There's a finite 
> amount of farmable land in the world, and cities tend to be near that for a 
> reason.

    Well then, how about you come out here where I am if you're so concerned
with farmable land.  Not a whole lot of that out here.  Oh, but you like your
nice little niche up there.  It's ok for *you* to stop but not other people.

> The US is a federation of 50 individual states that really don't owe each 
> other much of anything.  California forgets this most often.

    Doesn't matter.  Because at the end the states contain people and
according to your sick and twisted logic *you* owe the individuals.  But of
course, you forget that when it's most convenient for you.

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